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Here at Magic Muble, our motto is to offer quality custom made products and services to our customers. We successfully achieve this goal by working limitlessly to refine and optimize our manufacturing process.

Made in India
We proudly support Indian jobs and manufacturing by keeping our production in India.

Magic Muble Experience

– No Hidden Costs Lower than any other competition

– All material and design needs aremet at one place.

– Customised designs with your perspective.

– High Quality branded materials. Made in our own factory. Quality check at every step.


– Differences between first quote and final costs

– Several trips to the market to find the right choice.

– Same boring designs wherever you go.

– Low quality materials used to cut costs. Made with no knowledge of the customer. No quality Check

Customer service and satisfaction is especially important to us and ensure the desired product is delivered.
Our objective is to make the most out of the space available.

Wide selection of colours and styles

Ready to create a look that?s uniquely yours? Let your imagination run wild! With hundreds of possible combinations, we are confident you will find the perfect style to fit your vision.

Constructed to last a lifetime

Crafted exclusively for your needs, our custom interior solutions are gorgeously constructed in our own factory with durability and longevity in mind. Made with high quality Ply wood and High Density High Moisture Resistant boards and sheets that are ideal for kitchen spaces and spaces exposed to high moisture content..

  • All our products are moisture resistant which makes it long lasting.
  • Accuracy in manufacturing as it is highly automated process and minimal human intervention.
  • Our panels are bonded together with a high load pressing machine ensuring a bubble free finish.
  • We ensure a precision cut of boards with a beam saw machine again with no human intervention.
  • Our edge-bending machine allows us to seal the edges of any panel making sure that there are no sharp edges.
  • Laser guided drilling to guarantee an error free furniture that works every time.
  • A dedicated tem that checks every panel for error in dimensions, scratches and bubbles before the delivery so that the customer gets a perfect product.
  • The cabinets produced are then assembled at site by our highly trained staff.